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We have many issues that need to be addressed

If you don't see an issue that you are concerned about,

Please contact the campaign and let me know.  I would be happy to discuss it.

We have big problems that need solutions now.  Working families are facing rising costs, our climate future is in jeopardy, and we are losing our sense of community. 

Working Families Need a Break


 We have a history of subsidies and tax breaks for giant corporations.  Instead while we should be investing in childcare, increasing housing supply and affordable options, and reducing healthcare costs.  Let’s support education including public universities, trade programs and apprenticeships.  Let’s support eldercare and options for seniors to stay in their homes.  We have a budget surplus.  It’s time to invest in working families so everyone will benefit.


Let’s Make our Economy work for the Future


We can invest in broadband and create good jobs.  Investing in clean energy to address climate change will create large numbers of jobs.  Let’s provide support for small business, local jobs and training to ensure we have the tools for success in the economy of the future.  Let’s make an economy that works for everyone.


Respect our Freedoms & Restore Community


We need to invest in law enforcement with policies and training that help everyone feel respected and safe.  We can prioritize community policing where people know their local officers and they know their communities, helping to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Let’s work on a future with good jobs and strong communities, where everyone is valued and respected.


We Can Address Homelessness & Housing


People can’t keep up with rents; we need support for housing right now. Let’s also help the homeless off the streets with comprehensive solutions to the problem, including transitional housing and support for mental health and drug rehabilitation.  Dual diagnosis programs and long-term support can move people beyond cycling in and out of treatment, ER and jail.  Finding the right approach now will save money and lives in the long-term.


Protect Individual Rights and Freedom to Choose


We must protect a woman’s freedom to choose and protect individual rights.  I have always fought for people’s rights including for school desegregation and for women’s and LGBTQ rights. 

I Will Fight for Working Families, Small Business, Local Jobs and Our Communities

I have personally helped people experiencing homelessness and am committed to continuing to help build a community we can all be proud of. Living on forestland and serving on my local conservation district, I understand rural issues.  My promise is to listen and speak up for working families, small business, local jobs and our communities.

JOE KEAR VS Paul Harris 2.jpg

Joe Kear and his opponent: Clear Differences

Joe will prioritize working families

Joe believes we need to do everything we can to help people now. He wants to use the surplus for needed programs.  His opponent says we have done enough.

JOE KEAR VS Paul Harris 4.jpg

On Affordable Housing and the Homeless

We need a comprehensive approach to get low income and affordable housing built.

Unfortunately low income and affordable housing is not where the profits are for builders and we are not getting much accomplished.  It's time for the state to offer more help.

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Affordable Housing and the Homeless

In addition to economic problems, many homeless individuals are dealing with mental health and drug addiction issues and need comprehensive programs to get on their feet.  We lack the facilities.  Our area of the country is among those with the fewest dual diagnosis treatment facilities.

JOE KEAR VS Paul Harris 3.jpg

On the Environment

We can create jobs and address climate change

Joe volunteers in a position on his Conservation District.  He knows first hand the effects of our dry summers and reduced water flows and lower water tables.  With his experience with his 50 acres in forest management he knows the difficulties with new plantings surviving the dry summers.

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